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Our Story

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Hello and Welcome!
Bringing a two-hundred-year old business into the 21st century is a task we have not taken lightly. While in this day in age, it is practically vital for businesses to exist in both the "real world" and online, we wanted to handle this transition with special care due to the magnitude of the importance of two things - the integrity of the operation, and our relationship with our valued customers. 
My name is Sara Roberts and I am the oldest daughter of the current owners, Doug and Nancy Roberts. This website, blog, and newly minted social media presence are the product of my Masters Degree capstone project. It is thrilling to have the opportunity to use my education in a way that matters. 
It is our goal that you will find our website, blog, and social media to be a resource that helps you to share our journey. Thank you for investing your time to learn our story. We hope to see you and your family during harvest this fall. 
Thank you,